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How will summer housing billing work for undergrads?

For undergrads living on campus for the summer, you will see the total cost of your summer housing charges spread over three months: June, July, and August. You can view your current account balance on MITPay.

You may also start to see fall charges on your bill in mid-July. Don’t worry! The fall charges are not due until August 1 along with the second summer installment. However, we recommend that you make your summer payment by July 31 if you intend to set up a payment plan for the fall. Summer charges cannot be included in fall payment plans.

We also want to remind you that all three summer installments must be paid prior to registering for the fall term, and financial aid for the fall cannot be used to pay summer charges. If your account has a balance due prior to registration day, you may be placed on registration hold.

If you have questions about any of the summer charges, you should contact Housing. If you have any questions about paying the bill, you should reach out to us at

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