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Update July 2021: Although our campus office is still closed, we are available via phone, email, and Zoom. Our hours are Monday/Wednesday from 9–5, Tuesday/Thursday from 10-5, and Friday from 9-3. If you would like to learn more about MIT’s plans for summer and fall, please visit the MIT Now website.

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Understanding your bill

Most term charges such as tuition, student life fees, health insurance, on-campus housing, and meal plans appear on the first bill of the semester in July and December.

Paying your bill

We do our best to make it easy for you and your family to pay your bill. We are here to help you get set up and make sure you have a payment plan that works for you.

Repaying your loan

When you leave MIT, we are here to help you understand what you owe, your loan repayment rights and responsibilities, and your repayment options.

by the numbers

Total Payments


The total amount of money our office processes annually on behalf of our students.

Total people


The number of students we helped pay for their education in 2019.

Pay Online


Percentage of payments made through MITPay, our preferred electronic payment system.

Key terms for billing & repayment

MITPay is our online payment system where you can view and pay your bill. An account is automatically created for every MIT student.
Authorized user
A person, most often a parent or spouse, who is designated by an MIT student as being allowed to view their monthly bill and make payments using MITPay.
Monthly Payment Plan
Allows students and their authorized users to pay their bill in regular monthly installments. The plan makes paying a bit easier with five payments per term instead of one lump sum.
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