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frequently asked questions

In this section, we provide detailed explanations of special cases, common concerns, and other frequently asked questions to help explain complex processes.

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Applying for aid

Learn more about undergraduate financial aid, the FAFSA, or CSS Profile.

Federal loan forgiveness

Learn more about President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness program.

Financial aid

Get help with understanding your financial aid award.

Graduate students

Discover your options with graduate funding and loans, and other resources.

If you leave or withdraw

Understand what happens to your financial aid if you leave or withdraw.


Know what to expect when you take out a loan.


Learn more about your student account and our online payment system.

Paying your bill

Get help with paying your bill.

Support resources

Learn about the different financial resources available if you are in need of support.

Tuition shortfall

Understand our graduate student tuition shortfall process and learn about payment options.

Veterans benefits

Find out how you can use your VA benefits at MIT.

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