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By the numbers

Affordable education


The average need-based MIT Scholarship awarded to undergraduate students in 2018–2019.



Students with a family income below this level (and typical assets) do not pay tuition.



The percentage of MIT undergraduates who graduated debt-free in 2019.

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Cost of attendance

The full price to attend MIT is $73,160. However, most students pay far less because of our generous need-based financial aid; in fact, the average annual price paid by a student who receives financial aid is about $23,000.

Our approach to aid

At MIT, we are committed to helping our students pay for their education. The price of an MIT education varies for each student depending on how much they can afford, but our commitment to affordability remains a constant.

How to apply for aid

We offer several forms of aid. The most common type of aid is the MIT Scholarship. If you receive one, it is a grant that does not need to be repaid.

Key terms for undergraduate students

Need blind
Prospective students are not disadvantaged in the undergraduate admissions process because of their financial need. We are one of only five schools in the U.S. that is need blind and meets full need for all students, foreign and domestic.
Need based
Need based means that we award financial aid entirely based on your family's financial circumstances.
Full need
Full need means that we meet 100% of your family's calculated need through scholarships, grants, and student employment.
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