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Repay your loan: Loan exit counseling

Exit counseling will help you understand what you owe, your loan repayment rights and responsibilities, and your repayment options.

You are required to complete counseling if you have an MIT or federal student loan and you:

  • graduate,
  • fall below half-time enrollment status,
  • take a leave of absence, or
  • withdraw from the Institute.

Steps to complete the counseling requirement

This is required for Federal Direct, Direct PLUS, and Perkins loans, as well as MIT Technology loans.

If you have a Direct Stafford and/or Grad PLUS Loan

  1. Download the Loan Exit Counseling Guide to help you with the online exit counseling.
  2. Complete the following online counseling.

If you have a Perkins Loan and/or MIT Technology Loan

  1. Complete the following online counseling.
  2. For Perkins borrowers, download the Federal Perkins Student Loans Fact Sheet.

If you have questions about loan repayment or exit counseling, contact us at