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Paying your bill: Authorized users

To allow someone else, such as a family member, spouse, or partner, to view and pay your bill, you must designate them as an authorized user.

You can add multiple authorized users to your student account. Authorized users should be private individuals. If you are trying to have an outside agency or company assist you in payment, please refer to our sponsored billing page.

what authorized users have access to
  • Your student account: they can log in to MITPay and see your account status
  • Billing information
  • Registration status
  • GradGuard tuition insurance information and forms
what authorized users don’t have access to
  • Your stored payment methods
  • Academic records
  • Other personal information
  • They can not initiate a refund on your behalf

Please note: Authorized users may not see pending credits such as veteran’s benefits or outside awards. If money is expected, but hasn’t been received yet, your authorized users may not know those funds are on the way.

How to set up authorized users for your account

  1. Log in to WebSIS and click on MITPay. You must be on a computer that has MIT certificates installed.
  2. Click on “Authorize Users” and enter your authorized user’s email address. The new user will receive an email with their username and temporary password.
  3. You are all set! Your authorized user will now receive email notifications when billing statements are ready to be reviewed.

How to reset authorized user passwords

We do not have the permission to reset passwords. If your authorized users need to change their password, they must do so via the “forgot password” link, which will send them an email with instructions. If they don’t receive an email, we advise users to check their spam folder.