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How do I appeal my financial aid award decision?

We consider each financial aid application on a case-by-case basis within our general guidelines for awarding need-based financial aid. While we don’t negotiate financial aid or match another school’s offer, we’re always willing to talk with students and families who are concerned that they can’t afford MIT with their award.

If you decide you need to appeal your financial aid award, we ask that you reach out to your financial aid counselor. After this initial conversation, we may ask you to complete a supplemental form such as the Parents’ Estimated Annual Year Income Statement or the Monthly Cash Flow Statement.

There is no guarantee that we will be able to adjust your award, but we encourage you to talk with us as we may be able to recommend a financing strategy that supplements your award.

To provide some guidance, here are some of the most common reasons we may increase financial aid awards:

  • Significant decrease in current year’s income not reflected in your tax return
  • Receipt of a one-time income source on the previous year’s tax return
  • Unemployment of a parent or spouse
  • A change in the number of family members attending college
  • Unusual or unexpected medical expenses
  • Care for an aging relative
  • Tuition for a child attending a private elementary or secondary school

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