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Update August 17:

To learn more about MIT’s changes to the fall 2020 cost of attendance as well as the Covid-era grant, please see our 2020 financial support page and our expanded FAQ page. You can also read more about the evolving policies and other key questions related to MIT’s COVID-19 response.

Can I get a refund if I withdraw for medical reasons? Can I protect myself if I do need to withdraw?

If you need to withdraw for medical reasons, you may be able to get a pro-rated refund. Please contact the registrar’s office for more information.

Students and their families may also take out optional tuition insurance coverage in case you need to withdraw for medical reasons. MIT offers a tuition insurance plan through GradGuard, a licensed insurance provider that specializes in higher education and student benefit insurance.

This elective insurance plan provides coverage for tuition and fees, including housing and meal plans if applicable. You are eligible for up to a 100% refund—depending upon the policy you choose—if you withdraw due to a medical reason including mental health conditions. Information on the tuition insurance plan is available at and you also have the opportunity to select coverage when you pay your bill online.

Please note: The deadline to enroll is the day before classes begin each semester.

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