Most families opt to pay online, but you may also pay by check or wire. We also offer the MIT Monthly Payment Plan for those who wish to pay in installments.

Student Financial Services will only accept funds to cover a student's educational expenses while enrolled at MIT. Payments in excess of the determined Cost of Attendance for a term will not be accepted. Payment received in excess of the amount due will be returned in its entirety back to the payer. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology does not meet the definition of a "Financial Institution" as described in 31. U.S. Code 5312; therefore, MIT cannot accept payment for purposes other than educational expenses determined by The Institute.

This policy pertains to overpayments made by the student, the student’s family, and/or sponsors. Overpayments made by certain third parties, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, are not subject to this policy. Overpayments/refunds as a result of federal loans and/or scholarships are also exempt from this policy.

Payment Options

If you seek alternatives to paying the full amount at the beginning of the term, you may want to consider the MIT Monthly Payment Plan.  There are also parent and student loan options. Please see the undergraduate and graduate student loans sections for detailed information and application instructions.

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Service with any questions regarding our payment options.  We are available Monday- Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM,  excluding Wednesdays when the office opens at 10 AM.  We can be reached by email at or by telephone at 617-258-8600.

The MIT Monthly Payment Plan

This installment plan is administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS) and allows you to pay your bill in monthly installments interest free. There is an enrollment fee of $85 for the full academic year plan, a 10-month repayment plan with the first payment due on July 1. There is an enrollment fee of $70 for the one semester plan, which offers several repayment options you may choose for the fall or spring. Enroll at or by calling 800-722-4867. Payments are made directly to TMS by mail or online by check, money order, or credit card. TMS also offers automatic payments from your checking or savings account. Check the TMS FAQ for more information. Please note that you must enroll in this plan each year.

Payment Methods

Most families opt to pay online through MITPAY, but you may also pay by check or wire.  If a third party is paying your tuition and fees, we can help by billing that sponsor on your behalf.

We have staff dedicated to answering your questions during our open office hours, please contact us any time you have a question.

Please note: MIT does not accept cash, credit card or debit card payments for student accounts. However, if you sign up for the MIT Monthly Payment Plan you can pay by credit card.


The best method is electronic payments, from a U.S. bank account or international wire (via Flywire), through MITPAY. This is a secure and paperless way to pay your MIT bills, and there’s no additional charge. There are two different ways to access MITPAY:

Flywire (International Payments & Domestic Wire Transfers)

MIT has partnered with Flywire to streamline the process for International payments and domestic wire transfers.  Flywire allows you to monitor your payment throughout the transaction process and you will receive confirmation from Flywire once your payment has been remitted to MIT.

  • International Students
    • Flywire allows you to pay securely from any country and from any bank, typically in your home currency.
  • Domestic Students
    • Flywire processes domestic wire transfers (U.S. Bank), which allows for prompt and accurate crediting to the student’s account.

To initiate an international payment or domestic wire transfer through FlyWire, please log into MITPAY and click the Flywire logo found on the My Account page in the Announcements window. Please be sure to carefully enter your MIT student ID number to ensure proper crediting.

Students who need to have a third party remit payment on their behalf should email MIT Student Financial Services at for instructions.



All checks must be drawn from a U.S. bank and be payable in U.S. dollars.  We accept personal checks, as well as check payments from scholarship foundations, 529 Savings Accounts, employers, or government agencies. Please make checks payable to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and include the student's full name and MIT ID number on the memo line of the check to ensure that payments are properly credited and mail to:

Student Financial Services
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave., Room 11-120
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307


Sponsored Billing


If a qualified third party is paying for your tuition and fees, the third-party payer (sponsor) must submit the Sponsor Billing Authorization Form and Sponsor Financial Agreement and the student must submit the Student Acknowledgement Form in order for MIT to approve and generate a 3rd party sponsor invoice.    

Outside organizations qualify for sponsored billing if:

  • They cover all or most of your tuition and fees
  • They will send payments directly to MIT
  • They require an itemized invoice addressed in their name

Examples include:

  • U.S. or foreign company
  • U.S. government, department, or agency (excluding the Dept. of Education)
  • Foreign Embassy
  • Pre-paid college plan*

*For the following state run 529 plans: Florida Prepaid, Texas Tomorrow and College Illinois, MIT will send confirmation of charges to each plan after the student has registered for the term.  Payments for these plans, as well as any other plan in which families participate, will be credited to the students account upon receipt of disbursement. 

If you are being reimbursed by your employer you cannot participate in sponsored billing.  Students who receive reimbursement upon submission of grades or completion of sponsor terms must adhere to the Institute’s established payment due dates.

Important Information for Students Regarding Sponsored Billing

  • You will continue to receive a monthly student account statement.  Once your sponsor has been invoiced, the Institute will credit your student account in advance of receiving funding.
  • Charges assessed to your student account that are not invoiced to your sponsor are due monthly as billed.  Check your account monthly to pay your balance due.
  • Sponsored billing payments are not subject to the same payment due dates as student payments.  You are responsible for monitoring your sponsor and ensuring that your sponsor pays timely.
  • Payment is expected within the first two months of the semester.
  • If your sponsor fails to pay, the credit applied in advance to your account will be removed and you will be immediately responsible for paying all charges due on your student account.
  • Sponsors will not be billed for previous terms or for any charges that are not posted to your student account. 
  • A balance on your account may result in a registration or degree hold and a mandatory Hold Assessment Fee.


All MIT students must follow the guidelines listed below, with the exception of Sloan students.  If you are an MIT Sloan student, please contact Kevin O’Brien at or at 617-253-8355 to discuss sponsor billing options.


To initiate sponsored billing, the sponsor must submit the following documents:

Sponsor Billing Authorization Form and a Sponsor Financial Agreement, on letterhead that verifies the parameters of the billing arrangement.


Students must submit:

Student Acknowledgement Form

Sponsored billing documents will be accepted through October 1 for the fall term and through March 1 for the spring term. 


Sponsored billing documents are sent to:

David Andre

Asst. Director, MIT Sponsor Billing

77 Massachusetts Ave, 11-120

Cambridge, MA  02139


FAX:  617-648-9968