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Update August 17:

To learn more about MIT’s changes to the fall 2020 cost of attendance as well as the Covid-era grant, please see our 2020 financial support page and our expanded FAQ page. You can also read more about the evolving policies and other key questions related to MIT’s COVID-19 response.

I am not able to live at home. What do I do?

We understand that some students are not be able to live at home during their off-campus semester. The Division of Student Life has developed a student housing assistance review process (SHARP) for you to request special dispensation to live on campus. You are eligible to apply under the following circumstances:

  • You are currently in a short-term arrangement or on-campus emergency housing and can not return home due to travel restrictions, circumstances in your home state/country, or circumstances of your home life
  • You have a home environment that would significantly impair remote learning
  • You do not have another place to live or being at home is unsafe given circumstances in your country or home

Please note that incoming first-year students will only be considered through this process if they are facing extreme hardship. More information about this aspect of the SHARP guidance is available on the SHARP website.

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