A look at your billing statement and what your charges and credits tell you about your student account.

Once you accept an offer of admission from MIT, we will set up a student account in your name for charges, such as tuition and fees, and for credits, such as family payments and financial aid. All undergraduate, graduate, special, and visiting students have a student account. 

We bill you through MITPAY. Students are automatically granted access to MITPAY through the WEBSIS student portal. Authorized Users (usually parents) must be designated by their student before they have access to view and pay the bill.

We start billing for the fall term on July 10, the spring term on December 10 and the summer term on June 10. Most term charges, such as tuition, student life fee, student extended health insurance, on-campus undergraduate housing, and meal plans appear on the first bill for the term. Other charges such as on-campus graduate housing, Tech Cash, parking, MBTA passes, and library fines are billed monthly as they are incurred. Updated statements are posted the following month. 

If you are receiving financial aid—including scholarships, grants, tuition awards, fellowships, student loans—we ordinarily apply financial aid equally across the number of terms in your academic year. For most students the academic year is two semesters, fall and spring; but for some graduate students it may be three semesters, summer, fall and spring.

Each time a new statement is available in MITPAY you and your Authorized Users will receive an email notification that it is time to view your bill. Payments are due by the 1st of the following month, unless other arrangements are made, such as the MIT Monthly Payment Plan. You may pay securely online through MITPAY, by wire, or by check. For more detailed information, visit how to pay your bill.

Sample Bills

Balance Due

If you owe funds to our office, your MITPAY Account Status will show a balance:

Credit Balance

If your account is overpaid, your MITPAY account status will show a credit balance (indicated by a negative balance) and you may be eligible for a refund.

There are two types of financial aid credits on your student account—an anticipated credit and an actual credit. Anticipated credits are funds you expect to receive that have not been applied to your account. This is because the funds have not been received yet or you are not yet registered for the term. Actual credits are funds that were applied, or disbursed, to your student account. Both anticipated and actual credits reduce the balance due on your account. However, anticipated credit not received by the 15th day of a term is removed from your account balance. In this instance, there may be additional steps you need to take in order to receive this aid, such as completing your entrance loan counseling for your student loan.

Actual Credit Balance

Anticipated Credit Balance


The charges on your student account originate from different MIT departments. We are responsible for billing those charges, but when you want more detailed information about the charge, you will need to contact the charging department directly. Only charging departments may authorize adjustments to charges. Here is a partial list of contacts for charging departments. Each charging department’s phone number appears on the same line as the charge on your MITPAY statement.

If you want to formally dispute a charge, you must contact your Counselor for Customer Service in writing within 60 days after the date of the statement on which the charge first appeared.



Campus Dining


Fellowships, RAs and TAs

Contact your academic department

Undergraduate housing

617-253-2811, residence@mit.edu

Graduate and family housing

617-253-5148, graduatehousing@mit.edu

Housing damage charges

617-253-2811, Housing Office


Contact any library circulation desk

Loans, scholarships and grants

Student Financial Services


MIT Medical Health Plans


MIT Medical Patient Billing


MIT Graduate Dental Insurance


Parking and MBTA T-Pass Program

617-253-7276, W20-022

Sponsor Billing

Student Financial Services

617-258-5613, dandre@mit.edu

TechCASH accounts

617-253-2706, W20-021


Registrar’s Office


Veterans' benefits

Student Financial Services