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Graduate student support

We understand that oftentimes there are unexpected academic, professional, and personal costs that come up. Through additional financial supports, MIT wants to make sure that the graduate student community has resources to offer help if they need it.

What we do

We coordinate with you and your department and offer resources to help you with expenses. We also help manage student loans, federal benefits, and other forms of aid, as well as collect payments if needed.

Fellowships and assistantships

Most graduate students are supported by fellowships or by appointments as research or teaching assistants. More resources are coordinated by the Office of Graduate Education, an Institute-wide support and referral office for graduate students and administrators.

by the numbers

Finding fellowships


The percentage of first-year degree-seeking graduate students primarily supported by fellowships in 2022.

Research and teaching


The number of graduate students primarily supported as research or teaching assistants in 2022.



The percentage of doctoral recipients who graduated in 2022 with no graduate debt.

Key terms for graduate students

A fellowship or traineeship is an award to a graduate student that covers tuition partially or fully, and also provides a stipend to help defray living expenses.
Research and teaching assistants receive a monthly stipend as well as a full-tuition scholarship. Stipend levels are established each year by individual departments within guidelines approved by the Academic Council in discussion with the Provost.
Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan
A federal low-interest loan for U.S. graduate and professional students. You must be enrolled at least half time, pass a standard credit check, and may not be in default on a prior education loan to be eligible. The maximum annual loan limit is the cost of education minus financial aid received—there is no aggregate limit.
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