Important Deadlines

Tuition, the student life fee, the MIT student extended (health) insurance plan, and undergraduate on-campus housing are billed twice each year.

July 10: Your fall bill is available for viewing
August 1: Your fall bill is due
December 10: Your spring bill is available for viewing
January 1: Your spring bill is due

Other Deadlines

You will be billed monthly by the 10th of the month for any other charges you incur – this may include graduate student on-campus housing, TechCash, library fines, or medical charges. Payment is always due on the 1st of the following month.

As a courtesy to our students and their authorized payers, we offer email reminders each time you have current activity on your student account. Student reminders go to their official MIT email addresses.

Meeting Payment Deadlines

As a student you agree to take responsibility for your student account and pay all charges prior to the beginning of each term (August 1 for fall, January 1 for spring and July 1 for summer) or make satisfactory arrangements.  You acknowledge that MIT may take adverse actions if you do not remain current on your bills.  Please contact your Counselor for Customer Service to resolve any unanticipated financial problems.

Returned checks

If your check is returned by your bank, we will inform you by email. We will require a new payment immediately and we will charge your student account with a $30 fee. Your bank may also charge you for the returned check.

Unpaid balance

A student who fails to make satisfactory arrangements for payment will have a registration or degree hold imposed and a Hold Fee of $100 will be charged to the student account. The balance due, including the Hold Fee, must be paid in full before a hold will be released.

As a courtesy to you and your family, we send notifications throughout the term to students with past due bills who have not made satisfactory arrangements.


If you leave or withdraw from MIT, you are still responsible for paying the full amount due on your MITPAY statement, or making satisfactory payment arrangements with the Assistant Director for Student Account Collection ( Should your account be sent to an outside agency, you may be reported to credit bureau agencies and may be responsible for any collection fees, including reasonable attorney’s fees that we incur in such collection efforts.