Need-based aid

We know that you and your family have an important decision to make regarding how to pay for your education. At MIT, we make all our undergraduate admissions decisions without regard to families' financial circumstances. We award all our aid based on financial need. We do not award aid based on academic merit or athletic achievement. We meet the full determined need of each student.

Tuition and fees

In 2018-2019, tuition will total $51,520. Believe it or not, the cost of an MIT education is more than double this figure, but MIT subsidizes tuition for all of our students to make MIT more affordable for everyone. Our student life fee of $312 funds activities devoted to enhancing the quality of student life.


Like me, you might need to work in order to help pay for MIT, but jobs here can be way more fun than you might expect.
Patricia Martinez Aceves
Materials Science and Engineering
Some day I hope I’m financially able to pass forward the gift of educational opportunities to other students. If not for financial aid from MIT, an education at MIT would not be possible for a student like me.
Nicholas Loyd
Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
I worked six to eight hours a week during the school year while at MIT and I’m going to graduate with only about $6,000 in loans.
Bonnie Shum
Chemical Engineering