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Update August 17:

To learn more about MIT’s changes to the fall 2020 cost of attendance as well as the Covid-era grant, please see our 2020 financial support page and our expanded FAQ page. You can also read more about the evolving policies and other key questions related to MIT’s COVID-19 response.

How graduate funding works: Stipend and health plan rates

Stipend increase

We have established new ranges for monthly stipends of full-time research and teaching assistants for the 2020–21 academic year (AY2021). These ranges reflect a 2.9% increase, which fully meets the cost-of-living adjustment recommended by the GSC’s Graduate Stipends Committee.

Expanded MIT Health Plans

For those enrolled in MIT’s medical plans, insurance rates will not increase for AY2021. We have worked with MIT Health Plans to reduce out-of-pocket costs and simultaneously expand the benefits offered by the Student Extended Insurance Plan (SEIP). Examples of some of the enhancements include support for the mental health needs of students and expanded healthcare benefits for transgender students.

Current medical plan members who are graduating this spring can extend their eligibility for the SEIP through the end of the calendar year.