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How graduate funding works: Finding fellowships

A fellowship is an award to a graduate student that covers tuition partially, or fully, and also provides a stipend to help defray living costs. 

The Institute receives funds from individual donors and corporations for fellowships and scholarships. In addition, government agencies and foundations offer fellowships that they award either directly to outstanding students for use at institutions of their choice or, in a few cases, to institutions to administer on behalf of students. 

There are many reasons to apply for a fellowship, including greater research autonomy, financial security, and a professional cohort that may last the rest of your career. The Office of Graduate Education maintains a database of various fellowship aid resources and provides advice on how to apply for one. For questions on the below, please contact the Manager of Graduate Fellowships. Individual departments may have additional information.

Presidential Fellows

MIT has established a prestigious program of Presidential Fellowships to recruit the most outstanding students worldwide to pursue graduate studies at the Institute.

Fellowships for International Students

This page lists a collection of outside funding sources specifically geared towards internationals.

OGE Stipend Awards

Generous donors have provided MIT with funds in support of stipend awards, for students who fall into unique categories. The Office of Graduate Education administers these awards.

OGE Fellowships

Generous donors have provided MIT with permanent funds in support of fellowships, many of which have unique restrictions. The Office of Graduate Education administers a number of these endowed fellowships through an annual competition.

Featured External Fellowships

Many outside organizations fund fellowships for graduate students. This page provides a partial listing for which the fellowship officer in the Office of Graduate Education serves as the fiscal agent.

Additional External Fellowships

This page highlights some fellowships which are administered outside the Office of Graduate Education.

Other Resources

This page highlights some MIT fellowships which are administered outside the Office of Graduate Education, and also provides links to many non-MIT fellowships.