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Forms: Loan forms

Undergraduate loan forms

Loan Request Form

This request form is for Direct Loans for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, and for MIT Technology loans for International Students.

Student Loan Adjustment Form

If you wish to make an adjustment to your federal or technology loan after receiving your initial loan eligibility, please submit this form.

Self-Certification Form

To receive the MIT Technology Loan or a private loan, you must submit a self-certification to the lender.

Private Loan Guide

We have put together a short guide with basic information that may be helpful as you consider whether private loans are right for you.

Graduate loan forms

Graduate Information Finance Form

If you wish to apply for a need-based or non-need-based student loan from federal or private sources and/or Federal Work-Study, you must submit the Graduate Information Finance Form. U.S. citizens and permanent residents must also submit the FAFSA. Applications are accepted throughout the year, but we recommend that you file before May 1 if you expect to receive credit on your fall semester bill.

Graduate Loan Guide

A quick guide to help graduate students apply for loan eligibility and/or Federal Work-Study.