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For students: Working at MIT

All students, regardless of their financial need, may work during the academic year—and most of our students do. They work on campus in labs, department offices, and centers as well as in the community.

Visit the jobs board →

Any student can get an on-campus job. Student minimum wage is $11.50 an hour with most students making about $1,700 a semester. International students are limited to working 20 hours per week due to student-visa guidelines.

Research jobs

You can find a research job in almost any academic department or interdisciplinary laboratory through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. As a UROP student, you can receive academic credit, work on volunteer basis, or get paid for your research work.

Part-time and seasonal jobs

Off-campus, part-time, and seasonal jobs are posted daily on the jobs board.

Research and teaching assistantships

Graduate students are eligible to become RAs and TAs through their departments and most often receive a stipend. See the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education for more details on becoming a teaching assistant.

Public service jobs

Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center

The PKG center connects students with a wide variety of public service projects in local, national, and global communities. Provides guidance and funding for student projects.

Community Service Work-Study Program

Undergraduate and graduate work-study students get paid for working at a nonprofit, public, or community-based agency.