To allow someone else, such as your family members, spouses, or partners to view and pay your bill, you must designate them as authorized payers. Here’s how:

  • Log into WebSIS and click on MITPAY. You must be on a computer that has MIT certificates installed.
  • Click on “Authorize Payers” to enter the authorized payer’s e-mail address and create a temporary password.
  • Have your authorized payer access MITPAY for authorized payers. The first time your authorized payer logs in, he or she will create a permanent password. They may also enter banking information by clicking on “Add E-Check Profile” if they want to make payments electronically.

If you’re an authorized payer and you want to receive e-mail reminders about statement updates each month, log onto MITPAY, and click on “User Preferences” and follow the instructions.