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Update March 18: Learn more about the current academic year by visiting our FAQ page, financial support page for undergrads, or MIT’s COVID-19 response site.

Types of aid: Student employment

All students, regardless of their financial need, may work during the academic year—and most of our students do. In fact 91% of students do at least one semester of paid research—many do three or four!

We recognize that securing employment opportunities could be more difficult with many students attending MIT remotely. In light of this development, MIT has developed remote research, public service, and teaching experiences that will provide every undergraduate student a guaranteed paid opportunity in the 2020–2021 academic year.

These experiential learning opportunities will be available to every undergraduate student, whether remote or in person, through programs such as UROP, MISTI, PKG, Open Learning, or Sandbox.

Learn more about student employment at MIT.