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Quick cost estimator

Get an estimate of your financial aid based on six simple questions. For a more in-depth review, and to determine Pell eligibility, you will need to use the Net Price Calculator.

Important information to know

Divorced parents

We require both parents to contribute toward the cost of your education. If your parents are divorced, use the Quick College Cost Estimator for each parent’s household separately and then add the figures together to arrive at an estimate of your total cost.

Pell Grants

All outside awards including a Federal Pell Grant will first reduce the $3,400 student work portion of your contribution, then the $2,000 student contribution, before reducing your MIT Scholarship. If you are eligible for a full Pell Grant you may have up to the full cost of attendance covered by grant and scholarship aid.

Special Circumstances

The Quick Cost Estimator will not be accurate for international students or federally independent students. Results may be less accurate for families who are divorced or separated, and families who have ownership in a business. Special circumstances are considered on a case-by-case basis when you apply for financial aid.