Student Job Board

Our job board lists many off-campus opportunities and some, but not all, on-campus postings. Our open job market means that any student, regardless of financial need, has the opportunity to work in any job on-campus for which he or she is qualified. We have more than enough positions available for all the students who want work.

Types of Employment

All students may work during the academic year and most of our students do. MIT students work both on-campus in department offices, labs and centers as well as off-campus in the community. Undergraduate students are expected to help finance their education and working on campus is one of the options available to them. About two-thirds of the undergraduates work, earning about $1,700 a term for 10 hours of work a week.

On-Campus Jobs

  • Hourly Paid: Available to undergraduate and graduate students regardless of financial need. You will receive a weekly paycheck based on the number of hours worked each week.
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP): You can participate in research in any academic department or interdisciplinary laboratory through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. As a UROP student, you can receive academic credit, work on volunteer basis, or get paid for your research work.
  • Graduate Assistantships: Many graduate students work in research assistantships and teaching assistantships through their departments and are compensated for the services they provide with a stipend in addition to their tuition. For more information, please visit the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education.

Off-Campus Community Service Jobs

We encourage you to take the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others while broadening and deepening your own educational experience. The Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center will help you connect with a variety of public service projects in local, national, and global communities.

  • Community Service Work-Study (CSWS) Program: Enables eligible Federal Work-Study undergraduate and graduate students to be paid for performing work at a non-profit, public or community-based agency in a position that meets the definition for community service.
  • Reachout Tim Tutors Program: Work with elementary school children to improve their Reading and Mathematics proficiency skills. Students can volunteer or use their Federal Work-Study award to get paid. 

For more information on these programs and their requirements, please visit the  Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center.

Off-Campus Part-Time/Seasonal Jobs

Off-campus part-time and seasonal jobs are posted daily on our job board. While we make every effort to make sure the information is from secured sources, please use your discretion when reviewing employers and their employment opportunities.

Important Reminders

  • As a student employee, you may not work during any of your scheduled classes or exams. We encourage students not to work more than 20 hours per week. This allows enough time for you to become an active participant in both your education and your job. Students may work up to 40 hours per week during school breaks, summer, and IAP.
  • Students with a graduation date of December are eligible to work until the last day of finals in the Fall semester.  Students with a graduation date of June are eligible to work until the last day of finals in the Spring Semester. Students with any other graduation date should contact the Student Employment Office to determine the last day they are eligible to work.
  • Student employees may only receive wages for the hours that are actually worked. If your weekly schedule is affected by vacations, holidays, or sickness, you may wish to discuss with your supervisor the possibility of making up the missed time.
  • Students who work in excess of 3 hours are entitled to a 15 minute paid break. Students who work in excess of 6 hours are required to take a 30 minute meal break. This break is unpaid and is in addition to the 15 minute paid break to which they are entitled. The 30 minute meal break requirement is based on Massachusetts state law.

MIT Student Job Board Disclaimer

The SFS Student Job Board is offered free of charge to employers and to MIT students seeking outside employment. All hiring and compensation for work performed by students is handled directly between the student and the prospective employer and is undertaken at their own risk. SFS does not perform background checks on students applying for jobs, nor does it vet or screen employers posting job opportunities. Employers and students are encouraged to request reference information from each other as needed to establish qualifications/credentials and determine the overall fit between the employer and the student applicant.

All job listings are posted at the discretion of SFS and we reserve the right, but do not assume the obligation, to edit or refuse a job announcement for any reason. We reserve the right not to post jobs that appear to discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, or national or ethnic origin.

It is our goal to provide accurate posting information on our website; however, we make no representations or guarantees about positions that are posted. SFS is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of off-campus employment. Therefore, students and prospective employers are both urged to perform due diligence when offering, applying for, or accepting private off-campus employment. Individuals are advised to use caution and common sense when applying for any position with an organization or private party.

Use of the SFS Student Job Board is entirely at the risk of the users and MIT expressly disclaims any and all liability with regard to usage of this site or the Job Board. In addition, SFS is not responsible for the content made available through web links to other websites. The opinions and views associated with any linked third-party websites are not necessarily those of SFS.

Helpful Tips for Avoiding Employment Scams

  • Never provide personal or bank information over email or phone.
  • Never take cashier's checks or money orders as a form of payment, as your bank will hold you accountable for any bounced checks.
  • Never wire funds to an employer. Any employer who requests wire funds is likely a scam.
  • Never apply for a job with someone who indicates they are away on business or out of the country and need someone to begin right away.
  • Never agree to a background check unless you have met the prospective employer in person, and do not provide your personal information over email or phone.
  • Never apply to a position that is emailed to you unsolicited.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding student employment opportunities, please contact SFS Student Employment at