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Veterans benefits: Graduate veterans benefits

Thank you for your service. We work with you and the Department of Veterans Affairs to help you manage the financial support benefits you are eligible to receive.

What we do

Our role is to certify educational benefits available to veterans of the United States military, including:

If you have questions about how your educational benefits combine with financial aid, please contact us at or 617.258.8600.

How veterans benefits work

MIT administers veterans benefits, including Chapter 33 or Post 9/11 VA benefits, much like other external funding sources such as fellowships or scholarships, and thus, the same policies apply. Funding received from these benefits may reduce the amount of any MIT department funding received, such as a Research Assistantship, Teaching Assistantship, and/or fellowship (external or MIT internal) to bring the total funding received in line with a department’s standard funding rate. Each graduate program has their own funding policies, so be sure to contact your department’s graduate administrator for more details.

The Yellow Ribbon Program

The Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program (Yellow Ribbon Program) is a provision of the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008. This program allows institutions of higher learning (degree granting institutions) in the United States to voluntarily enter into an agreement with the VA to fund tuition expenses that exceed the maximum private tuition allowance. The institution can contribute up to 50% of those expenses and the VA will match the same amount as the institution.


You must apply for your benefits under the GI Bill® and you must be entitled to receive 100% of the benefits payable under the Post 9/11 GI Bill® Program. In addition, you must be enrolled in the following program at MIT for the 2022–2023 academic year:

School/program Degree level Max school contribution
School of Architecture and Planning Masters $15,000
Doctoral Unlimited
School of Engineering Masters $15,000
Doctoral Unlimited
School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Masters $15,000
Doctoral Unlimited
School of Science Masters $15,000
Doctoral Unlimited
Sloan School of Management Masters $25,000
Doctoral Unlimited
Schwarzman College of Computing Masters $15,000
Doctoral Unlimited


The awards will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. The first eligible students in each school/program who apply for their benefits will receive the award.

How to apply

If you wish to be considered for the Yellow Ribbon Program, you must submit the following to Student Financial Services:

  • Copy of Certificate of Eligibility from the VA showing “100% of the benefits payable under the Post-9/11 GI Bill® program”
  • Initial Notification of Enrollment for Veteran’s Educational Benefits

Applying for benefits

  • Go to the VA website and apply using VA Form 22-1990, VA Form 22-1990E or VA Form 22-5490
  • Once you have received your Certificate of Eligibility (COE), you will need to submit it by mail or fax as soon as soon as it becomes available. If you are recently separated from the service, we accept a copy of your DD-214 in the interim, but VA benefits cannot be certified until the official COE is received by the Student Financial Services office.
  • Submit your Initial Notification of Enrollment for Veteran’s Benefits to us by mail or fax. We are unable to accept this form via email as it is common for a VA file number to be a Social Security Number. This form is only required to be submitted once unless you are changing programs.
    • When mailing your form, please send it to the following address:

      Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Student Financial Services
      Attn: MIT School Certifying Official
      77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 11-120

    • Or you can fax it to our office:


  • For enrollment certification purposes, 3 MIT units equal 1 VA credit (i.e. 48 MIT units = 16 VA credits). Units are not rounded up so if you are registered for 50 MIT units, your VA credit hours will be 16.6 VA credits.
  • The VA pays the tuition benefits directly to MIT one to three months after the term certification has been submitted to the VA. Once your benefits have been certified for the term, you will receive a confirmation email from us containing your CertID. You will need to keep this for your records.
  • We require all VA students to complete a veteran questionnaire each term in order for benefits to be certified. The questionnaire will be sent to your MIT email address before the start of each term.

Monthly verification of enrollment with the VA

If you are using Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, including receiving a Monthly Housing Allowance, you are required to verify your enrollment with the VA every month to continue receiving your benefits. This requirement is in addition to submitting the Initial Notification of Enrollment for Veteran’s Benefits form to SFS.

  1. Please visit the VA website for more information on the specific steps required to verify your monthly enrollment.
    • You must submit your monthly enrollment verification yourself. School Certifying Officials cannot complete this step on behalf of veteran students.
    • Please note: The VA’s monthly enrollment verification is only required of students receiving Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, including a Monthly Housing Allowance, and does not apply to other benefit programs, such as the Montgomery GI Bill, Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses, Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance, Veterans Rapid Retraining Assistance Program, or the Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship.

Active duty military

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance (TA) is a military benefit for individuals who are still serving. Each branch of the service has its own criteria for eligibility, obligated service, application process, and restrictions.

How to apply

  1. Complete the appropriate application following the instructions for your particular military branch.
    1. For Army, Army Reserves, and Army National Guard applications, please visit ArmyIgnitED.
    2. For Air National Guard applications, please visit the AI Portal.
    3. For all other branches, please contact the Student Financial Services office at
  2. When your TA is approved, please reach out to us to complete the process.

If you are eligible for Tuition Assistance Top Up, please contact us and ask to be connected with one of our certifying officials.