We assist you with loans, Federal Work Study and sponsored billing including VA Benefits. Your department may offer other financial support.

Most forms of financial support for graduate students are granted by the individual academic departments.  Graduate students apply through SFS for student loans from federal and private sources and for student employment under the Federal Work-Study Program. If you have an outside sponsor, we assist you by billing your sponsor.


Graduate students who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible for all federal and private loan programs. International students may borrow from private sources, but not from federal programs. View our Graduate Student Loans chart for current interest rates and information.

Non-need-based Student Loans

You have to apply for these loans, but there are no financial need guidelines to qualify. Please keep in mind that the total of all of your funding cannot exceed the price of attending MIT.

Federal Loans:

Private Loans

These are student and parent loans made from third party lenders. Ordinarily, you should not consider a private education loan unless all of your federal eligibility is exhausted because the terms and conditions of private loans, including the interest rates, are often less favorable.

Read our guide on private loans and please contact us if you have questions. Before certifying any private loan we will connect with you directly.

Veterans Benefits

Please see our page on Graduate Student Veterans Benefits for comprehensive information on how to apply.