Tuition for the upcoming academic year is set each March by the MIT Corporation, charged by the Registrar’s Office, and billed by us.

Full regular tuition for undergraduates and graduates is $51,520 for the 2018-2019 academic year. However, certain graduate programs have a greater tuition charge:

  • Special students (those not enrolled in degree programs and taking classes for personal or professional reasons are charged tuition per unit of academic credit.
  • Non-Institute visiting students are subject to a registration fee in each term in which they register.

Detailed information on tuition rates is available on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Student Life Fee

We bill all students this mandatory fee, which helps fund activities devoted to enhancing the quality of student life, including student groups. The fee is $312 for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Housing and Dining

Student housing and dining costs vary considerably depending on where students live and their eating preferences. We bill on-campus housing charges for the Housing Office and meal plan charges for MIT Dining. Information about housing options is available on the Housing Office website and meal plan options on the Dining Office website.

Student Extended Insurance Plan

Payment of tuition entitles regular and special students to many health care services at MIT Medical at no charge. The MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan covers hospitalization and meets the state’s requirement for comprehensive health insurance. All students are automatically enrolled and charged for the Student Extended Insurance Plan by MIT Medical and billed by us.  Students with comparable health insurance coverage may waive this fee.  More information on the cost for the Student Extended Insurance Plan, how to submit the insurance waiver, and the waiver deadlines is available on the MIT Medical website.

Undergraduate Student Expenses

For information on the approximate price of attending MIT in 2018-2019 please see Financial Aid at MIT.

Undergraduate Student Budgeting Worksheet: This tool can help MIT undergraduates plan for how much they will owe MIT and how much money they will need for their own expenses.

Graduate Student Expenses

For information on the approximate price of attending MIT please see Managing Your Budget.