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Forms: Undergraduate financial aid forms

Getting Started Guide 2023–2024

A guide for current students and families that goes through everything you need to know about our billing process and payment options.

Extended Aid Form

You must request additional terms of aid if you will be enrolled beyond the standard number of terms required for an undergraduate degree. The standard number of terms is eight for students who entered as first-year students, and six terms for transfer students. You must submit the extended aid form as well as all financial aid materials by February 15.

Please note: Once you complete all of your undergraduate degree requirements and have been enrolled for the standard number of terms, you no longer qualify for an MIT Scholarship or federal financial aid as an undergraduate.

Noncustodial Profile Waiver Request Form

If you need to exclude your noncustodial parent’s profile application from your financial aid application, you will need to complete this form in order to receive a waiver. Please note that submission of the form does not guarantee that we will be able to grant you a waiver.

Parent Monthly Cashflow Statement

We hope this form provides a chance to give a more complete picture of your family’s financial circumstances.

Outside Award Reply Form

Use this form to report any outside scholarships, grants, or benefits you will receive that are not already listed on your financial aid award.

Student Information Review Form (SIRF)

Every undergraduate awarded an MIT Scholarship is required to complete the Student Information Review Form. It is used to match you with named scholarships and must be submitted before your MIT Scholarship can be credited to your student account. You can access the form on WebSIS under “For Students” and “Financial Records.” It will take one business day for you to be able to access the form once we notify you that you have a scholarship.

Other Real Estate Information Form

Use this form if you need to provide information about the value of other real estate on your financial aid application to MIT.