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Apply for aid: Parental tax returns

After submitting the CSS Profile, you will need to submit your parents’ tax returns to the College Board’s secure Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) for processing.

Remember that all applicants for MIT need-based aid must submit the CSS profile.

What you need

  • For the 2019–2020 application, you need your parents’ 2017 federal (not state) tax returns along with all schedules, statements, and W-2s
  • If your family owns a corporation or interest in a partnership, you must send the corporation or partnership tax return through IDOC. Please note that a Schedule K-1 is insufficient data, as the complete tax returns are needed.
  • If you, your parents, or other siblings are beneficiaries of an estate or trust, submit the appropriate Schedule K-1 of IRS Form 1041 or IRS Form 4970 through IDOC.
  • If your parents are separated or divorced, your non-custodial parent’s tax return is required as well.
  • If your parents live outside the US, please provide the tax return from that country, along with a translation to English if applicable.
  • If your parents do not file a tax return, please complete the Non Tax Filer Statement through IDOC and submit it along with documentation of the income (W-2, 1099, or a letter from the employer outside the US).

Good to know

  • You must submit all tax documents directly to IDOC. We will be unable to accept anything sent directly to MIT.
  • It can take up to two weeks for the tax returns to be received by MIT.