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Update March 18: Learn more about the current academic year by visiting our FAQ page, financial support page for undergrads, or MIT’s COVID-19 response site.

Why don’t I see the Covid-era grant in my financial aid for the spring semester?

A few of you have reached out wondering why you don’t see the Covid-era grant in your spring financial aid award. As a reminder, MIT distributed the full $5,000 in the fall semester so that students would have immediate access to the funds. This means that the entire $5,000 was in your fall award.

At the time, students were experiencing many different circumstances—some were unable to work, some had to live off campus but not at home and needed money for rent, and others had more specific challenges. We decided that instead of trying to solve each of those problems by some policy that would help only some and not others, we would instead offer a $5,000 grant to all students that could be used for their specific needs. We distributed the full grant in the fall so students would have immediate access to it.

Should you have any questions about the Covid-era grant, or your aid in general, please reach out to us as soon as possible at We will do our best to make sure that you are set for spring.

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