MIT is within your reach!

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Today, six out of every ten students receive need-based aid, so the average price they pay for tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, board and other expenses is about $16,800–considerably lower than our published price of $65,478. 


Once I received my financial aid package, I was ecstatic. I would be able to attend the school of my dreams and graduate only a few thousand dollars in debt.
Caitlin Dalyrmple
Chemical Engineering
My advice to any talented high school student with the idea that MIT is out of his reach is that you should definitely apply to MIT because MIT will do whatever it can to make your dream come true.
Adi Asali
Mechanical Engineering
Not applying to MIT because of the price tag could be the biggest mistake of your life. There are amazingly generous people who have made it possible for anyone to be able to afford MIT if they are accepted. Apply, and if fate brings you here, the financial aid office will make sure your financial situation doesn't hold you back.
Patrick Doyle
Nuclear Science and Engineering