Our Mission

We understand that financing an MIT education, is a significant undertaking for undergraduate and graduate students. Our goal is make it manageable for you so your time at MIT can be spent on education and research.

We are committed to making the dream of attending MIT a reality by providing students and their families the resources necessary to meet their financial obligations. By helping today’s students finance their education, we hope to inspire them to join the infinite circle of support that allows MIT to ensure access and affordability for future generations.

Our Office

We combine our financial aid and bursar services into one office, located in the Student Services Center (11-120), off the Infinite Corridor. As an MIT student, you have designated counselors assigned to assist you based on your last name. Please contact your counselor when you have a question or come to see us any time during our open hours. We are always willing to assist you on a walk-in basis. We hope you take advantage of our services, including the information we make available on this website.

Our Services

We bill and collect your tuition, fees and other charges and help you explore available financing options. If your education is paid for by a third-party, we bill the sponsor on your behalf.

We award need-based financial aid from MIT and federal sources and coordinate receipt of other aid. If you apply for an education loan, we provide advice on debt management strategies and help you manage loan repayments.

We maintain a robust listing of student employment opportunities, on- and off-campus and can guide you through the student employment process.