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Our job board is for on- and off-campus part-time and (seasonal) full-time job opportunities for MIT students. If you want to post a full-time year-round position or an internship, regardless of whether a degree is required, please visit Global Education and Career Development.

The job board is only open to MIT students and they will contact you directly through your online job posting.  Please make sure to provide a detailed job description that includes specific tasks, skills required, and application instructions.We do not screen applicants and we reserve the right to refuse to list positions.

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MIT Salary Policies

Minimum wage

Effective January 1, 2017, the Massachusetts minimum wage is $11 per hour. Starting the Fall 2017, the MIT minimum wage will be $11.50 per hour. Off-campus work is not subject to this restriction.


Students may only work 40 hours per week at any job or a combination of jobs at MIT. Any hours exceeding this limit must be paid at time and a half.